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    Efficiency Tests and Certificates


    Junior and Associate club members are encouraged to take a series of PCAV Effiiciency Tests and Certificates as they progress through Pony Club. These are designed to ensure that these club members undertake elementary studies in riding, horse handling and horse care. There are eight standards or levels of efficiency; "E", "D", "D" star, "C", "C" star, "B", "B" star and "A" (the highest) with two specialist tests –"K" for the active rider and "H" for the horse mastership test.


    Once a club member has successfully completed a certificate, they are issued with a coloured efficiency certificate disc which is mounted behind a rider’s PCAV badge. 


    Ages/Certificate Colours




    Minimum Age

    Certificate Colours

    E Standard under  7 Pale Blue

    D Standard

    7 years


    D* Standard

    9 years

    Lime Green

    C Standard

    12 years


    K Standard

    14 years


    C* Standard

    14 years


    B Standard – Horse Care

    15 years


    B Standard – Riding

    16 years


    B Standard (Restricted Jumping)

    16 years


    H Standard

    17 years


    A Standard

    17 years



    Information about what each certificate involves is listed on the PCAV website and is contained in the Syllabus of Instruction/ Efficiency Standards booklet published by Pony Club Australia. The latest edition was published in January 2013. This is full of useful information that explains clearly and simply what candidates must learn to achieve each test and what the examination process involves. Copies can be obtained direct from PCAV State Office.


    Who Administers the Certificate Process


    In Central Zone, Joycelyn Moreland, assisted by Niree Weybury, is our Zone Examining Secretary. For general information on certificate administration and the role of the Zone Examining Secretary, look under Coaching-Education on the PCAV website. For current procedures in Central Zone click here.

    C Certificates & State Competition

    Club Members who have been at pony club for at least two years and who are aged 14 years or over need their ‘C’ certificate to ride at state level.
    Although the 'C' certificate is not required to ride at a zone championship, a rider who wishes to be considered for selection in a state championship competition, is required (if applicable) to have the 'C' certificate before the day of the zone championships. This is because the zone championships is also a state championship qualifying event.

    Riders wishing to qualify for the state horse trials championship must have the 'C' certificate before lodging an entry application with the zone representative.

    These requirements mean that both clubs and club members must plan ahead with regard to 'C' Certificate examinations. Examinations planned for after the zone championship will not be considered. 
    For a list of 'C' Certificate holders within Central Zone, see the document below. Please note, this list reflects the information given by past Examiners within the Zone to the ZES. The list identifies the Club the rider belonged to when he/she passed 'C' Certificate. (In some instances, the rider may now no longer be an active member of Pony Club, or have transferred to another Club.)






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